Modular Sofa

ligne roset modular sofas.JPG Ligne Roset offers a great modular sofa set called Yang. As you can see from the pictures, you can have a simple sofa setup like you would in a normal living room. You can also put the sofas together to form a sectional seating system that can accommodate your space in many different ways. Yang offers great flexibility in decorating the living room with many possibilities and shapes. This clever one arm sofa idea was designed by Francois Bouchet. I personally like the look of the Yang sofa in any room even if you decide against the modular route. I find the increasing depth of the sofa as it flows to the right to add a dimension not normally seen in boxier versions of seating. The Yang one arm sofa comes with fabric upholstery and aluminum matte finish legs. H 27.5” – W 65.25” – Depth 51.5” (via Yang Modular Sofas by Ligne Roset)

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