Really good Chair

I’ve admired Blue Dot furnishings for some time. They offer a wide selection of reasonably priced modern furniture. I have recently discovered the Really Good Chair. The Really Good Chair is, well, a really good idea. The chair is made of a thin gouge, laser cut, powder coated steel. It is a clean modern design. It is light and its thin profile makes it perfect for smaller spaces. Not so extraordinary to the casual observer upon seeing the assembled product — the assembly is extraordinary part. The chair is shipped in a flat cardboard box. The pieces include the back and the seat in the flat, the legs, some spacers and the connecting hardware. The amazing thing about the assembly of the chair is the bending. The back and seat of the chair are shipped flat and require bending — a sort-of steel origami. The pieces that require bending are perforated with a laser so the bending is easily accomplished by hand. A portion of the cardboard shipping box is cut out and used as an angle-checking tool. You simply bend the pieces check the angle and bend the next angel.

via Furniturestoreblog

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