Pie’s Past Perfect

Thank goodness the concept of the throwback is a big hit with pop culture. Now, not only is everything old new again, but it’s way cooler than it ever was in its heyday. This national nostalgic tryst is especially good for hoarders who don’t have to go out and repay for the privilege of reusing stuff they kept from back in the day. It’s also good for the soul and a good reason to commercially reintroduce your father’s favorite childhood chair. And that’s just what good son and design director of Project Import Export (PIE) did. Based on his dad’s description, he developed PIE’s Candy Collection weave chairs. They’re constructed with the same materials and shapes as the originals, but with a modern edge and in eye-catching colors. The chairs’ various weaves are fresh and captivating and dad, of course, is so very proud.

via 2Modern Design Talk – Modern Furniture & Design Blog: Past Perfect

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