Kids Chair with Roll-Top Storage Space

The Kid’s Roll Top Chair has a sitting surface that works like an old-time roll-top desk, sliding away to reveal storage space where kids can put their toys and other stuff while being usable as a chair too.

Kids Chair with Roll-Top Storage Space

3 thoughts on “Kids Chair with Roll-Top Storage Space”

  1. Hello, my name is Owen Carter. I am studying Resistant Materials at Horndean Technology College. I like the design of the red chair with the slide up seat. This has inspired me to make this at school and I would like to know more about this product. Please would you be able to send me some more pictures of the back of the chair so I can see how it functions. Please would you also be able to tell me what it is made of?
    Thank you very much
    Owen Carter

    1. Hey, this is very funny since I am studying resistant materials for my igcse’s and noticed you. Hope you do well!!!1

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