Change of Style

I have been experimenting with quick posting using the WordPress QuickPost Plugin

In doing so I came to the conclusion that the old Misty look didn’t go together well with Internet Explorer

Therefore I decided to change style into the Almost Spring 1.3 Theme by Becca Wei.

I hacked a bit around and changed it a bit, but for the moment it does what I want it to do, without much editing of posts that I plonk here via the QuickPost plugin.

Now it is better viewable in IE and for other browsers I will have to do something about the photo size…..

What do you think?

Update August 9, 2008:
Have gone back to the Misty Theme and resized the photo’s….Am missing a few things in Almost Spring. Have discovered in the meantime that there is a nifty Press It button in my WordPress Dashboard with which I can easily make quotes for my blog with. You can copy it to your browser’s bookmarks.

Update October 8, 2008:
So it turned out that you have to keep the images in proportion.

After updating to the newest version of WordPress in September and fudzing around a lot, I have now finally found a working theme switcher and installed it.

Now only to hack around in themes that I like…..but it is getting easier….

Update October 20, 2009:

In the meantime I’ve done away with the theme switcher plugin as I have moved over to the Thesis theme for this blog.

Photos are a bit bigger now.

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