Design Notes: Talking Sottsass in San Francisco.

Oh, Ettore Sottsass, how you are loved and missed. In 1981, with the launch of his Memphis Group, Sottsass pursued one of my favorite obessions – the often rocky and incestuous relationship between high and low brow. He effectively put a nail in the coffin of generally accepted 1970s idea of “good taste” (ie, boring). Though Memphis and its legion of young Italian designers imploded by the end of the decade, its impact is still relevant 25-plus years later. In 2007, before passing away at the age of 90, Sottsass (a longtime champion of the 1006 Navy® Chair) collaborated with aluminum chair manufacturers Emeco to unleash his final design: the Nine-0 Collection.

Via Design Withins Reache’s blog: Design Notes: Talking Sottsass in San Francisco.

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