Amen – Church Chairs with Crucifix by Maxim Velcovsky

Design Therapy says:

Czech designer Maxim Velcovsky working with Jakub Berdych from Qubus Studio redesigned the interior of St. Bartholomew’s Church in Eastern Bohemia using customized Vernor Panton chairs with a perforated cross in the back. I’m intrigued. Perhaps this is what Mies van der Rohe was referring to when he said” God is in the details….”

Radio CZ says:

Maxim Velcovsky is one of the Czech Republic’s leading young artists. Most of his work is in porcelain and involves ‘reimagining’ everyday objects; among his best known pieces are a vase in the shape of a Wellington boot and a porcelain version of a typical water-cooler paper cup. He is also known for a huge fibreglass crucifix, which stands in a Protestant church in Hradec Kralove. I spoke to Maxim Velcovksy at an exhibition of his at Prague’s Galerie Kritiku, and began by asking him to explain the thinking behind his work.

Via 2Modern Design Talk

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