Finally a decent photo of the Bone Chair from the site of the Rotterdam based designer himself…although the site is now under construction. I do hope he forfeits Flash in his new site.


One thought on “JORIS LAARMAN STUDIO: Bone Chair”

  1. This bone chair has significant design problems. (1) The back and seat look like they were designed independently of each other. (2) The distance between the back and seat elements does not work functionally or aesthetically. (3) The connections between the back and seat elements demonstrates uncertainty of intention and are tentative at best. (4) The excessive number of branching elements adds greatly to the complexity of the chair without adding to the aesthetic appeal of the chair. (5) The connections of the branch elements to the seat and back panels reveals a lack of convincing design intentions. In short the look is contrived.

    Conceptually the chair is very original and and it reveals a profound pursuit and display of novelty which is what the market (critics) seem to be looking for. This is enough to guarantee the chairs success and that of its designer.

    Too-dle-oo, Ken Smythe/Yaheba

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