Joris Laarman at Friedman Benda

Dutch Designer Joris Laarman will be exposing work at Friedman Benda, nyc from march 4 until april 10, 2010.

Among works exposed will be this Bone Rocker Chair.

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Finally a decent photo of the Bone Chair from the site of the Rotterdam based designer himself…although the site is now under construction. I do hope he forfeits Flash in his new site.


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Joris Laarman’s Bone Chair

About the Gallery:

The Carpenters Workshop Gallery specializes in the converging fields of art and design. Their focus is to promote the careers of contemporary designers through exhibiting unique and limited-edition works in solo and group exhibitions and at international art and design fairs.

The gallery opened in 2004 in an old gasworks factory in Chelsea. The team recently opened their second gallery in Mayfair, bringing their bold aesthetic and adding some youthful zing to the revered Albemarle Street. The gallery maintains an ambitious program of diverse artists to bring functional sculpture to the forefront of contemporary collections. The gallery presents post 1980’s stars such as Jurgen Bey, Ron Arad, Atelier van Lieshout and extends to the current generation of designers such as Ingrid Donat, Tejo Remy, Robert Stadler, Charles Trevelyan, Marcel Wanders, Pablo Reinoso, Demakersvan, Joris Laarman, Xavier Lust, Max Lamb, Sebastian Brajkovic, Vincent Dubourg and Ika Kuenzel.

The Carpenters Workshop Gallery aims to be the destination in London for cutting-edge contemporary design-art.

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They feature Joris Laarman whose Bone Chair became almost instantly famous.

Joris Laarman was born in Borculo, The Netherlands in 1979.

He started his education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem, after which he attended the Design Academy, Eindhoven. Laarman graduated with cum laude in 2003. His graduation piece, the ‘Heatwave’ concrete radiator brought him a lot of media attention. This rococo piece is now produced by Droog Design in the Netherlands, and has been exhibited world-wide.

Later he established his own studio in Utrecht in an attempt to combine innovation, aesthetics, curiosity, and freedom. It concentrates on architectural interventions and product design with a poetic kind of engineering. Next to a collection of highly unique products Laarman works for several well-known international design companies and galleries. He recently contributed in articles and seminars for Domus magazine and has been a guest teacher at European universities as well as the Architectural Association (AA) in London and the Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands.

Bone Armchair by Joris Laarman

Dutch designer Joris Laarman has created a new edition to his Bone furniture range. The Bone Armchair, created in a limited edition of 12 and exhibited by New York gallery Friedman Benda, is moulded from a mixture of marble and porcelain mixed with resin. Photos by Jacob Krupnick.

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