::UN:: A follower of Chairblog|Tumblr and Fractal Chairs

::UN:: asks whether I was aware of the Fractal Chairs. No I wasn’t, but now I am, as I found his post when looking it up at now defunct Google Link search at Google.

I am in the process of discontinuing and gradually diminishing Chairblog|Tumblr: Adding its posts here and deleting them there….

I’m linking to ::UN::, as one of the disadvantages of Tumblr is it has no comment possibility. So I cannot comment that I was not aware of the post. Maybe ::UN:: will find this post sometimes when he tracks this post when looking up his trackbacks.

Another disadvantage of Tumblr is it doesn’t provide for an easy search function, while WordPress does.

One thought on “::UN:: A follower of Chairblog|Tumblr and Fractal Chairs”

  1. Ahh a rabid anti tumblrite! But your forgiven as the master of chairs and hotel design. đŸ˜‰

    Most Tumblr users add disqus for comments. Also a legitimate search has been added to the default tumblr themes.

    I do agree that WordPress is much more robust. But I enjoy the simplicity and social networking of the Tumblr application.

    I am glad you like the fractal chairs.

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