Ming Dynasty Double Circle Couch Bed

Ming Dynasty Circle Couch Bed

A Ming Dynasty Huanghuali Wood Couch Bed with Round Legs and Double Circle Ornamental Design

Overall Height: 30.5 in (77.5 cm), Platform Height: 21.5 in (55 cm), Length: 82.25 in (209 cm), Depth: 41.75 in (106 cm), Circa 1600-1675

Published in the Journal of of the Classical Chinese Furniture Society, Winter 1991, p. 17, in Dr. Sarah Handler’s monograph on couch beds-“Comfort and Joy: A Couch Bed for Day and Night”.

Compare with a zitan wood round legged couch bed in Wang Shixiang’s Classic Chinese Furniture, 1986, pl. 122, p. 183, which has plain ornamental struts and a single waist molding surrounding the platform frame. In our exhibit, the solid back panel of beautifully grained huanghuali wood and dual waist moldings, combined with double circle motifs, give this bed a perfectly proportioned and restrained elegance.

Ming Dynasty Double Circle Couch Bed

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