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Traditional Chinese Chair in Marble by Ai Weiwei
Ha and from one thing usually comes another thing: Google found me this marble reincarnation of what is actually an antique Chinese design….

“The marble chair is made from a solid piece of a stone into a chair, into something which ironically overthrew the idea of the wooden classic chair. The work as one piece is strongly against its own form, its own way of structure. In the kind of making it really dismisses its own meaning. I enjoy that part.”

A traditional Chinese Chair by no one less than Chinese artist Ai Weiwei in marble

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  1. Ai Wei Wei, in addition to being one of china’s most vocal artists, has some very cool ideas when it comes to antiques, traditional designs and furniture in general. If you want to see a few more of his designs have a look here:

    You might want to also take a look at Dutch designer Maarten Baas who does some unusual contemporary designs in materials you wouldn’t expect.

    Absolutely love the garden chair….

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