High Chairs are Dangerous for Kids

High Chairs are Dangerous for Kids

Kelby Carr as Investigative Mommy Blogger[a site that has been restricted since I posted this] gave me the following impression: In 2007 a High Chair was the third cause of home accidents for little kids after shopping carts and…strollers.

Added March 9, 2009
Kelby gave me the impression by publishing a graph that I copied here, but was not at liberty to reproduce here so I took it away. See her comment.

What is left now is a bit of confusion: She makes a chart based on the Neiss Database, but admits in the comment High Chairs may not the third cause of injury for small kids….

Anyway, I had a look at the Neiss database as she suggested. BTW You have to use IE rather than FireFox as the JS to find the correct code doesn’t work with FireFox:

I searched on child carrier (code 1549). Online I could review 30 cases resulting from the search. In many cases something extra happened. Dad or mom tripped or fell or let the child carrier fall….so it is not so clear that the design of the chair carrier is at fault….

4052 – Other Upholstered Chairs gave no results…

The High Chair code is 1555. The Neiss estimate is 8,725 cases of injury related to High Chairs in the USA for 2007. The 30 cases I found online (I was not able to download the entire Neiss sample) also sometimes mention something additional happening.

What is more disconcerting is when you do a search for High Chairs the number of instances High Chairs are recalled for replacement because of defects or possible dangerous parts…. a must piece of information for chair designers…

Update March 12, 2009:

Via Twitter Kelly and I got some form of mutual understanding.

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  1. Hello. First, I want to be sure you realize that the graphic is copyrighted to Investigative Mommy Blogger and you cannot use it without permission, so you need to remove it. You can certainly feel free to link to it.

    Also, I didn’t confirm that it is the third cause. There are hundreds of products in that database and I just highlighted some of the main ones people think of as potentially dangerous to children. I would urge you to check the NEISS database yourself to see. Also, this isn’t specific to home accidents either. Anyway, I do appreciate you spreading the word but you cannot reproduce my graphic and I just want to be sure this reflects accurately. Thank you.

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