Bo Reudler Studio Slow White Chair

Slow White Chair

Slow White Chair by Dutch designer Bo Reudler

To be featured at Milan 09. I Love this website!

A chair constructed from gathered branches, carefully selected for their distinguishing imperfections and curves. These forms give personality to each piece which will always be different due to the randomness of each branch. Handmade. Limited edition.
Size: 45x40x115 cm
Materials: Gathered wood (beech, birch, cherry or oak), recycled timber, white linseed-oil paint.

Bo Reudler Studio

About the studio:

We are a product and interior design studio, led by designer Bo Reudler. Based in The Netherlands.We are storytellers through matter. We love materials: following their hidden qualities to bring out their natural beauty, experimenting to discover things we could have never thought of. We love the immaterial: charging things with imagination and meaning.

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