Jongeriuslab: Rotterdam Chair

Rotterdam Chair by Hella Jungerius for Vitra
Rotterdam Chair by Hella Jongerius for Vitra

Date: 2008

Commissioned by: Vitra, Basel

Type: Industrial product

Vitra asked Hella Jongerius to design a ‘standard’ chair that is stackable.

Jongerius decided to use wood, a historical and archetypical material for a chair, which offers both a simple basis ánd character through it’s detailing.

The design-process was most of all an interesting exercise in producing an affordable chair which would carry the typical Jongerius’ handwriting. The result testifies of a clever marriage between a hands-on approach to design and industrial production-methods. Skillful refinement and high tech solutions. Because of the limits of price and production means, only the details that were essential for the character of the chair could stay. For instance the legs are left straight, bare, in order to give the object a sturdy and modern appearance. As a consequence of this choice there were some production challenges, like how to connect the legs to the seating, which curves above the construction. The seat itself is complimented with a plastic insert, a striking colorful detail that recurs underneath the legs. The chair has a timeless elegance and a modern sturdyness that suits its title: Rotterdam.


One thought on “Jongeriuslab: Rotterdam Chair”

  1. Hella Jongerius is a master of fusion design but when will we see her first truely original design?

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