Multi Functional 23 X 11=72 Table and Chair: Brazilian Designers Revive Dutch Group De Stijl


And then all of a sudden an e-mail from a country far far away, lands in my in-box asking whether I could feature this multi functional 23 X 11=72 Table / Chair? With pleasure!
To my view not very exact they claim:

Exploring the functionalism of the Bauhaus time altogether with the neoplasticism by Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan, the furniture 23×11=72 was developed by the designers Adriana Trentin and Bruno Oro of the Brazilian studio, design o’clock….

Agreed Bauhaus and De Stijl originated in almost the same time frame and there were cross contacts, but more precisely Mondrian (Mondiaan in Dutch) was a member of the Dutch Group De Stijl (Dutch for The Style) at the same time of his contemporary famous chair designer and architect Gerrit Thomas Rietveld of whom I have featured a couple of chairs. So if I were them I would emphasize that a bit more.
In addition it is funny to realize the Chair function resembles more or less that of the Beach Chair en vogue here at the same time frame, but that’s for another post.

See Design O’Clock

Added note: Hm strange in both designers’portfolios they call the chair the YSL chair…

4 thoughts on “Multi Functional 23 X 11=72 Table and Chair: Brazilian Designers Revive Dutch Group De Stijl”

  1. Hey i want more products that company because i m impressed with this chair..
    Is there some investor for them?
    I need more products and informations about this peolple and products.

  2. It’s an pleasure for us have this product posted in a blog that has chairs as focus!
    Best regards!

  3. This is a wonderfull criation, beside of it has a big funcionality because can be used as a chair and as a table, the desing is very inovating and interesting. The multi functional were a briliant ideia, to make two thinks in one. I liked so much it. If the blog can post more products of this company that have very criativities desingners, new forms and kides of can be descovered.

  4. this product amazing im an architecture student in my 3rd year and i love old school like distijl… its a nice and great work…

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