Cap Chair by Dutch designer Sander van Heukelom

And now, via a tweet of @The Drop NYC, introducing you to a Dutch graphical designer Sander van Heukelom who designed the Cap Chair. A What Chair? A Cap Chair! Yes you see it right. An aerosol cap as a chair. Nice idea.
And here is a second, more elegant design, that of the New York FatCap Chair.

Can you possibly sit on it? Yes you can! Actually by this photo it is even an over-sized Cap Chair.

You know what? Sander just is located around the corner…In a couple of weeks I can possibly take some photos myself at a coming exhibition.

Now I thought that TheDropNYC was registered by Sander, but it isn’t, That is registered in the name of Brian Tomlinson…. but Capchaired is registered by Sander. Again an example of a designer who is probably shooting himself in the foot SEO wise because this is such a bad example of duplicate content that probably they will be punished by Google for it.

On another tack I wonder why the young man is not using Google to search the name, there are more Cap Chairs…..

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