Whose Cap Chair (or Stool) was First?

A couple of days ago Sander van Heukelom drew my attention by linking to the above video on Chair Blog’s FB Page.

Then Design Milk drew my attention announcing the Cap Chair by Studio DFTS ( DFTS stands for Don’t Feed The Swedes).

Now I ask you: Whose Cap Chair was the first?


or DFTS Factory’s?

I asked Sander and he claims on FB:

My first prototypes of the Fat Cap Chairs are from 2007. I had my first solo show with the Fat Cap Chairs at Outland Modern Art Gallery in Amsterdam with the title “The artistry of the cap” in 2008.

DFTS claims their first model was from… 2005…..

I found Sander’s a year ago

Cap Chair by Dutch designer Sander van Heukelom

And now, via a tweet of @The Drop NYC, introducing you to a Dutch graphical designer Sander van Heukelom who designed the Cap Chair. A What Chair? A Cap Chair! Yes you see it right. An aerosol cap as a chair. Nice idea.
And here is a second, more elegant design, that of the New York FatCap Chair.

Can you possibly sit on it? Yes you can! Actually by this photo it is even an over-sized Cap Chair.

You know what? Sander just is located around the corner…In a couple of weeks I can possibly take some photos myself at a coming exhibition.

Now I thought that TheDropNYC was registered by Sander, but it isn’t, That is registered in the name of Brian Tomlinson…. but Capchaired is registered by Sander. Again an example of a designer who is probably shooting himself in the foot SEO wise because this is such a bad example of duplicate content that probably they will be punished by Google for it.

On another tack I wonder why the young man is not using Google to search the name, there are more Cap Chairs…..