New Danas by Scott White

Scott White has a nice looking site but again an horrible one for bloggers…too much Flash. Same old error all over with those designers. But I like his URL Go Home and Sit. Under the same alias you can find him on twitter as @GoHomeandSit

I forgive him, as he send me some nice photos of his New Danas…I presume he means New Danes…

2 thoughts on “New Danas by Scott White”

  1. Hello: I love your web site and I find it to be very instrumental in keeping up with the latest in chair designs.
    I have a couple of chairs that I´ve owned for over thirty years, and I suspect them to be designer chairs.
    I might be wrong, but I would like to share them with you. Hopefully you can give me some insight as to who could have designed them.
    I look forward in hearing from you or someone out there who may know. How do I go about posting the picture on your web site?

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