Schwing: Rocking Stool by Ismail Oezalbayrak

Schwing Rocking Stool by Ismael Oezalbayrak

Schwing is not a typo for showing. Schwing is German for Rocking. This Rocking Stool is designed by Ismail Ozalbayrak, a design student at the HfbK Hamburg.
It consists of a very light upper part, made of painted fiberglass and a concrete lower part.
Due to its unique shape it stays in balance all the time.
The stool will be produced by Stilwerk GmbH in Germany. Stilwerk is German for Style Work 🙂

You’ve made a rocking use of concrete, Ismail!

One thought on “Schwing: Rocking Stool by Ismail Oezalbayrak”

  1. I’d say it stays upright not due to its shape, but due to its balance: the weighted bottom prevents the stool from toppling. Great solution.

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