Burnham Sofa by Edward Burnham Tuttle for Wittmann

Burnham Sofa by Edward Burnham Tuttle

Wittmann is an Austrian furniture manufacturer with both modern and classic design in it’s portfolio. At IMM 2009 they presented this Burnham Sofa by Edward Burnham Tuttle.

Edward B. Tuttle

Edward B. Tuttle, born 1945 in Seattle, USA, is an architect and interior designer. After his studies he worked for design studios in San Francisco and Hongkong. In 1977 he founded Design Realization in Paris, where he has been based ever since. He specialises in architecture and interior design for luxury resort hotels and private homes. Edward Tuttle now resides in Paris.

And here is a chaise from the Edward series from which the Burnham series is derived:

Chaise by Edward B. Tuttle

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