Antique Chinese Wedding Chair

Antique Chinese Wedding Chair

Antique Chinese Wedding Chair 02

Antique Chinese Wedding Chair 03

Antique Chinese Wedding Chair 04

Not only in a blue mood but also in a Chinese design mood…

Via Antique Spider [ed:discontinues since posting] I found this traditional Chinese Wedding Chair.

The bride was taken to her husband’s home sitting on the chair right after the wedding celebrations. It was tradition. Her feet were bound as was the custom.

See also this painting.

3 thoughts on “Antique Chinese Wedding Chair”

  1. Does anyone know why it has a drawer? Is it a feature of this one chair, or a common thing? The others I’ve found so far don’t have them.

  2. Does anyone know how much this chair is worth? I think I have one…not sure if real or replica….most likely replica but looks just like this I have had it for 20 years

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