Chinese Chair by Ren Xiaoyu

Chinese Chair by Ren Xiaoyu

As I’m in a bit of a blue mood – bit more blueish design here and blue fingers from migrating the site and cleaning it up a bit – here a blue Chinese Chair by Ren Xiaoyu. The chair is modelled after a Chinese character.

Found at Gallery Rhino3…I have to check that out…Ah Rhino is a modeling and rapid prototyping piece of software and they have more chair candy.

One thought on “Chinese Chair by Ren Xiaoyu”

  1. There is quite a lot of these mixed contemporary designs on the market here in China today, usually based on traditional designs but with either modern materials or more contemporary color schemes. Some are successful then others when it comes to ascetics… I assume you have already seen the “Dynasty revival collection” from Lane Crawford in Hong Kong? Basically the same idea:

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