Hiroshima Armchair by Naoto Fukasawa

Hisoshima Chair by Naoto Fukasawa

Hiroshima Armchair by Naoto Fukasawa

This Hiroshima Chair by Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa comes from my pile of draft posts I’m trying to clean up now. I’ve more Naoto Fukasawa on the back burner.

Via Designboom

5 thoughts on “Hiroshima Armchair by Naoto Fukasawa”

  1. Very representative of the contemporary Japanese furniture. It has a sort of a feeling, a family air, to many other chairs you see on sale in Japan nowadays.

    Not my cup of tea but, at least, it IS a chair indeed—one that looks the part and in which you can sit—and not some piece of crap disguised as art as we see way too often in furniture blogs, alas.

    Keep’em coming, we’ve been missing your posts lately.

  2. @Jojo
    Would love to churn them out, but right now in the process of cleaning the stuff here a bit… right at this moment working backward and having arrived at post nr 200 of in total 1.140 something posts… In addition approximately 900 more posts to import from my tumblr page…argh…but in the meantime created another chinese chair post.

    Actually I doubt whether “contemporary” is really contemporary as I discovered some pieces of mid century (mid 1900 es) chair designs bear resemblances to certain antique chair designs…


  3. Take your time with the posts but don’t starve us! :o)

    Regarding the design, you are absolutely right, Guido. There are some Danish chairs from the mid-century that are very similar to this one. Also this was, by no means, a new design at the time.

    The point is that the kind of chairs that are being made in today’s Japan are very often quite similar to these.

    By the way, even if I don’t generally like Chinese design, I loved the idea of the drawer under the Wedding chair.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Note the picture shown is not the Hiroshima Chair but the Hiroshima Armchair. The Hiroshima Chair is taller and the seat is not upholstered.

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