A Note to my e-mail Newsletter Subscribers

Hi all,

After having anounced the newsletter as a weekly newsletter last week, I’ve found out that last Monday’s newsletter missed a considerable number of last week’s posts.

It appears the automated program I use indeed picks the 5 latest posts from the blog only.

Therefore I’ve enhanced the frequency of sending this automated newsletter to daily in stead of weekly.

It means that whenever 5 posts are published an e-mail lands in your in box. That is not necessarily every day, as I have an habit of sometimes publishing bursts of a couple of posts on one day and sometimes publishing no posts on other days. In this way I hope the e-mail subscribers get at least an overview of all posts…

I hope I’ve not disturbed you too much, but in case you want to unsubscribe: Here is the unsubscribe link.

In case you haven’t subscribed and would like to subscribe nevertheless, here is the subscription link.


Update March 17, 2010

Again I was wrong. If I set the program to a daily newsletter, you’ll get the newsletter delivered in your mail box even if I’ve posted only one post. I think that is too much…so I’ve put it back on a weekly schedule with a note in it that it only contains my last 5 posts…always obliged to learn something.

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