Grace Chair

I found this gracious chair on the site of Nella Vetrina (i.e. inside the shop window)

Armchair hand-made in American walnut, varnished with matt finish and open pores or with oil and natural wax. Padded and upholstered with fabric or leather

Hat-Tip Furniture Seen.

2 thoughts on “Grace Chair”

  1. I’m seeing this piece as if the past of ancient days silently sitting there staring back, as if it’s mourning about not being able to stop history repeating itself. -P.

  2. Hi Polley
    Glad you made it to the comments here, which makes the circle round….almost:

    You featured posts of me on your blog,
    Made suggestions on the FB fanpage I recently installed, and
    now even dared to comment here:-)
    All I have to do now is to feature some of your finds here, which will happen, which will happen for sure:-)

    The first thought I had when I looked at this chair was:”Wow! That looks cool in black leather with a natural wooden frame.” But maybe I like that combination too much: See for instance this Norman Cherner Chair and this Sitzmachine in black and white..Black makes the history 21st century 😛

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