Peacock Chair by Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959, USA)

Peacock chair for the Imperial Hotel,Tokyo, c,1921-1922

Oak frame with seat and back upholstered in oil cloth

Via 64 C H A I R S.

As the number of posts grow and grow, it is more and more necessary to be able to find a specific piece of information back.

The author of 64 Chairs is one of my very early chair inspirators on this blog. There are many more inspirational gems hidden in my blog. Therefor I’ve created the chair inspiration category.

This Peacock chair was especially designed for a famous hotel that has disappeared since. Your’s truly is a hotelier himself. Many more chairs have specifically been designed for use in the hospitality industry. In addition there are those in the hospitality industry who don’t care a lot about design….I believe they should be made aware there is so much more fun when you apply furniture that represents some thought given by a designer. Therefore I’m introducing also a new category which is coined Hotel Bar Restaurant or Nightclub Seating. From those I’m sure I have mentioned examples already here in the blog, even without being aware of the fact.

You’ll see both these categories grow from time to time.

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