Space Invader Couch by Igor Chak

Space Invaderr by Igor Chak

The Space Invader Couch by Igor Chak certainly brings back good memories. Igor Chak is a young industrial designer that has a passion about motorcycles. Yes, motorcycles. Although I personally don’t know much about motorcycles, I find his 2012 Izh Hybrid Concept 720P (Youtube) extremely attractive. Igor brilliantly brings boys(men?) toys up a notch, turning it into classy pieces of art. To my knowledge, the Space Invader Couch is waiting for a willing someone to push it to production. Igor introduces his couch:

I would like to introduce you to an old friend that kept trying to take over earth but retired and became a couch ; – )The Space Invader Couch is basically a space invader turned in to a couch, a very fashionable and hard to pass by couch. The couch is all leather, with two glass surfaces. Although it might look uncomfortable it’s actually really soft, mainly lined and made with memory foam. Plus this is something different from a conventional couch.

Space Invaderr by Igor Chak

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