Unifying Your Furniture: a Chair ‘Dress’ from Maezm

Sofa-Dress by Maezm is furniture ‘clothes’ that is here to make your chairs more “cushiony”. Using the product can also help unify your existing collection of diverse chairs, dictating a style theme and thus making them go together perfectly.

Sofa-Dress is made of urethan foam, its dimensions: 900 * 700 * 670.

Bean Bag Collection by Woouf

Photographers and chair lovers unite! Music junkies, foodies and globe trotters, there’s something for each of you too!  The bean bag chair collection by Woouf is playful seating furniture with attention to detail – each pouf is made to resemble a certain object and keeps its identity no matter what side of it you’re looking at. The price ranges from €90 to €275.

Outside cover: ultra-resistant technical fabric (100% polyester), zipper, completely removable
Filling: high density foam
Maintenance: washing machine 30Cº

From the designers:

“The basic concept of our first bean bags collection comes from the idea of inverting the dimensions of some of the objects that are part of our universe in relation with the spectators and reinterpret them. We want to surprise and provoke a reaction with our products.”

Woouf! is a young and multidisciplinary design studio born in Barcelona at the end of 2008. We design exclusive and avant-garde products with a clear target: make the difference. We innovate and bet for a combination of creativity, functionality and quality. This is the leitmotiv of our brand philosophy.

Oru by Ramón Esteve for Joquer

Oru by Ramón Esteve for Joquer

Another seating furniture piece inspired by the art of paper folding, origami. Made with stress-resistant polyurethane and filled with several densities of foam, Oru is a swiveling armchair by Barcelona based Ramón Esteve for Spanish furniture manufacturer Joquer. Available in several bright juicy colors.

Foliage by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell – Milan 2011 (13)


Foliage by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell – Milan 2011 (13)

In Milan this week: plushy blanket-like quilted seat on white plastic legs (that somehow remind me of little doll furniture pieces) – new design from Patricia Urquiola for Kartell.

Called Foliage, the design features branching thermoplatic legs and a polyurethane foam seat covered in stretchy fabric stitched with a leaf-shaped motif.

Material: Frame batch dyed technopolymer thermoplatic;
Seat polyurethane foam padding with quilted elastic fabric covering;
Size: L. 185 cm, H. 90 cm, D. 90 cm
Colours: red fabric, cream frame; cream fabric, acid green frame; green fabric, black frame; petrol blue fabric, hazelnut frame; sugar bag blue fabric, red frame; black fabric, cream frame; sand fabric, cream frame; acid green fabric, red frame.

Via dezeen.com

Stacking Throne by Laurens van Wieringen Milan 2011 (12)

Amsterdam based Laurens van Wieringen has this pretty piled-up kid’s chair to present in Milan this week.

Material: Foam, soft coating, lacquered wood & steel
Size: 92,5 x 74,5 x 85,5

The Stacking Throne was a private commission and especially designed for 1 year old girl, Bodile. She can now use it throughout her life. 4 of 5 foam parts can be taken out and used as her imagination suits her. Some girls just get lucky!