Hosting Hell, Hopefully in Heaven Now!

All of a sudden and totally unexpected my now former hosting company decided to kick me from their server.

They did this to you and me without any prior warning…..#Fail.
They claim that Chair Blog burdened their server too much over the last couple of days…while nothing had changed significantly. So my suspicion is their server or software had become a bit obsolete.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Actually this is a big THANK YOU to my readership! You have made this blog very popular by your frequent visits.

As a consequence Chair Blog will be in disorder for some time and many photos cannot be found.

I’ve now figured out that part of the problem is the way I put the link to photos in my posts. I’ve changed a couple of posts now, but the rest will only be visible in a couple of days when the Domain has moved to my new host as well.

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