Qing Dynasty Throne

In a successful attempt to get a photo online

Via Spooner Photography…When i posted this it was Spooner Zenfolio.

5 thoughts on “Qing Dynasty Throne”

    1. This is an original item from the old summer palace looting of Oct 1860 by British & French , it has been authenticated & carbon tested . This Imperial carved dragon throne was designed by famous Jesuit missionaries working with Hongli whom reigned as the Qianlong emperor. Felix Beato has also photographed the emperor’s court prior to the 1860 looting with the emperor in this very throne while addressing the British .

  1. This is hardly a traditional item. Being designed not by Lei family whom designed most all Qing. The famous Hybrid designs were created by Jesuits , Moggi, Sichalbart, Benoist and others whom where overlooked by Giuseppe Castiglione, ( Lang Shining ). The lavish palaces where located at the Old Summer palace, which was looted in the second opium war. This photo was taken in USA by Mr Spooner for the owner of the item. It is in original condition and never restored or refurbished. Offers were denied in the 16 m arena.

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