Cul is Cool Tour

cul-is-cool-photo-Manel-UbedaPhoto Manel Ubeda

cul-is-cool-photo-Nienke-KlunderPhoto Nienke Klunder

cul-is-cool-photo-PorcuatroPhoto Porcuato

cul-is-cool-photo-Bill-DurginPhoto Bill Durgin

cul-is-cool-photo-Juan-GattiPhoto Juan Gatti

cul-is-cool-photo-CiveraPhoto Civera

I must have been under the rocks … Only this week Yatzer pointed me to the Cul is Cool Tour. It started last year at ICFF in NYC and arrived at Valencia Design Week this year.

So I came across “Furniture Publisher” (I would prefer furniture label) ABR again – see Cul Stool by ABR and Sitting Pretty in Berlin – and HAT Gallery a new Spanish Gallery.

It always amazes me how good photography can tell a very good story of a product, in this case a stool, the Cul Stool. It is also amazing that ABR itself doesn’t pimp up its own website a bit more with larger size photos….

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