10 Lathe Chairs by Sebastian Brajkovic

Lathe I by Sebastian Brajkovic 2008Lathe Chair I (2008)

Lathe II by Sebastian Brajkovic 2008Lathe Chair II (2008)

Lathe-Chair-III-by-Sebastian-Brajkovic-2008-frontLathe Chair III 2008

Lathe-Chair-IV-by-Sebastian-Brajkovic-2008Lathe Chair IV

Lathe-Chair-V-by-Sebastian-Brajkovic-2008Lathe Chair V

Lathe-Chair-VI-by-Sebastian-BrajkovicLathe Chair VI

Lathe-Chair-VII-by-Sebastian-Brajkovic--2009Lathe Chair VII

Lathe-Chair-VIII-by-Sebastian-Brajkovic-2009Lathe Chair VIII

Lathe-Chair IX-by-Sebastian-Brajkovic-2010Lathe Chair IX

Lathe-Chair-X--by-Sebastian-Brajkovic-2010Lathe Chair X

Sebastian Brajkovic was born in Amsterdam in 1975 to a Dutch-Indonesian mother and a Croatian-Italian father, Brajkovic studied cabinet-making before enrolling at Design Academy Eindhoven. He started his Lathe Series as a graduation project for the Eindhoven Academy and has since continued working on the series. I know of 10 thus far, two of them I’ve featured already here. I like to bring them together in one post to show the development of the series.

He shares with his audience an understanding and respect for what has passed, but he does not merely reproduce traditional styles in a bid to replicate history. Rather, Brajkovic transforms and mutates archetypal shapes into new forms, using contemporary technologies. These hybrids exist entirely in their own present, but are built on our recognition of the past within them.

He’s represented by London based Carpenter's Workshop Gallery

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