Finally: Wall of Designer Chairs at BK City, TU Delft

Chair insiders (should) know that Delft Architecture Faculty (In Dutch Faculteit Bouwkunde, or abbreviated BK for Bouw Kunde) of Delft Technical University (TU Delft) in The Netherlands has a famous collection of designer chairs.

On May 13, 2008 The Delft Architecture Faculty got a lot of egg on its face when its building burnt down. Every newspaper all of a sudden asked whether the chair collection would be lost forever. Luckily that was not the case.

Now the collection has found a permanent exhibition place finally. I’d missed it:

Event: Faculty of Architecture to open permanent exhibition of famous chair collection

05 October 2010 | 16:00 o’clock
location: Faculteit Bouwkunde

Paul Schnabel is to open the new permanent exhibition of TU Delft Faculty of Architecture’s famous chair collection on 5 October. The extensive collection, which is very important from a historical point of view, has now been given a place of honor in the Faculty of Architecture’s new premises in Julianalaan in Delft with financial support from the Sofa Foundation.

Programme opening
16:00 Welcome by Dean Wytze Patijn;
16:10 Sofa’s last trick;
16:20 Opening ceremony conducted by Paul Schnabel;
16:35 Drinks at the exhibition.

But I’ve noticed it via

Kossmann De Jong realized the Wall of Chairs which was facilitated with a grant from the Sofa Foundation.

It seems that the site from the Sofa Foundation Stichting Sofa doesn’t work propely today, but some history can be found at Johannes Niemeijer‘s site. Nowadays the Sofa Foundation seems to be administered by the Prince Bernhard Culture Foundation.

During working days the exhibition is open to the public and without charge. It’s address is

BK City (next to the Library)
Julianalaan 143

I might as well pay it a visit soon.

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