Meet Our New Contributor Julia Osovskaya

Julia Osovskaya at Chairblog
I’m very pleased to present you our third contributor, Julia Osovskaya.

As with Polley, the introduction with Julia was via our FB fanpage. After some comments Julia indicated she was in the market to contribute to Chairblog. “Most Welcome” was my reaction. You can find more about Julia at So Thankful Project and on her own FB fanpage.

Julia About Julia:

My name is Julia Osovskaya and I am a thankful person, chair design enthusiast and a mindful eating foodie with a taste for sophisticated things. I live in Moscow, Russia. It’s possible that some of you may already know me via my The “˜Thank You” Project blog, which I’ve had running since September 2009. Having established an online presence for my thankful personality, it’s time I did something about the hopeless chair lover in me. “But why chairs?”, you may ask.

Chairs are important because all of us interact with at least one daily, and each such chair interaction can make us or break us, depending on how good your chair is. I also believe that a lot can be told about a person by the type of chairs they fancy and own.

When it comes to chairs and me, seeing one I like instantly inspires me to imagine it in particular surroundings, it’s as if I start a room decoration process in my mind and all in accordance with a chair I come across. I think of a chair as of a focal point in a room it’s placed and believe that a whole design concept can be created around a single chair. And even though sofas and stools, ottomans and armchairs are all pretty cool, my favorite piece of seating furniture, the perfect form, is still a good old chair – an object with a seat for one person, a support for the back and a number of legs.

Because both Polley and I look into the world through our glasses, Julia choose this photo of her to emphasize she has her own look on all things chairs: through a hole in a Russian Cookie:-)

Welcome on board Julia!

6 thoughts on “Meet Our New Contributor Julia Osovskaya”

  1. Haa, I love this, GJE! 🙂 Also, I actually just noticed that – I LOVE number 3!! And I’m the 3d on the ChairBlog… This must be destiny :p

  2. Julia
    From now on if you comment as being logged in, I don’t have to moderate your comments anymore:-)
    Secondly I kindly ask you to register with Then You’ll get your avatar or gravatar posted with your comments as well:-)

  3. Hi Chair Blog and Hi Julia! I love seeing more pics of you! I definitely remember that you have a thing for chairs and I’m excited to see what you do with this site and contribute to this already created creative space. I never think too much about chairs until either one a) really hurts my back or b) is so beautiful, I have to stop and take it in. Great picture ps- you look so chic!

  4. Aw, Caitlin, thank you so much for your kind words and for stopping by!! So great to see you here! I hope you visit again and maybe there will be a c) to this list some time soon 😉 THANK YOU!

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