Chairs by Hendrik Petrus Berlage (1)

Chairs by Hendrik Petrus Berlage - Egyptian Chair inspired
Egyptian Chair for inspiration of Berlage

Chairs by Hendrik Petrus Berlage (1)

Time to share some chairs by Hendrik Pieter Berlage. First photos of the main inspiration for Berlage’s chair designs: An Egyptian Chair.

About Hendrik Petrus Berlage

Berlage Exhibition

Hendrik Petrus Berlage (1856-1934) is an important Dutch Architect who strongly believed in total concepts and therefor was involved in interior decoration and furniture design as well.

Currently there is a Berlage exposition at the The Hague City Museum of Modern Art (Gemeentemuseum Den Haag) with an overview of Berlage’s work, because of the celebration of the opening of the museum – which was a design of Berlage – 75 years ago. Luckily for the chair aficionados there are many chairs from him on display until February 27, 2011. Berlage studied in Zurich and also traveled in the USA in 1911. Therefore it is not strange that he was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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