Striped Chair by The Bourroullec Brothers

Striped Chair by The Bourroullecs
Striped Chair by The Bourroullecs
Striped Chair by The Bourroullecs
Some time ago I’ve visited Paris and took photos of these chairs without knowing what they were. The location was the Musée du Quai Branly (next to the Eiffel Tower). Only recently I discovered these were Striped Chairs by The Bourroullecs for Magis.

We were very interested in designing a coherent collection made of different object typologies: A normal chair, an armchair, a high stool and a long chair. We wanted to create an easily identifiable collection, making coherent an association of heteroclites elements.
Then we were willing to work in plastic, which as you know requires strong investments in moulding. Thus we decided to make a collection with very few elements. In fact, 2 main elements or typologies: stripes of plastic (changing only in length) and small pieces to fix the stripes on the metallic structure (same ones for all). Doing this, we obtained a coherent graphic unity. Then, the name came, of course, by itself.

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