Zeed Armchair by Sara Leonor





Zeed Armchair by Sara Leonor

born and educated in Spain, currently based in London. Zeed was first presented at Tent London 2010. There is a welded steel and wooden version. Zeed is an excellent chair for chair installations. You can also sit on it when it is put upside down.

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  1. I’d love to see some experiments done with painting the chair different colors – seems to me, if painted using two contrasting colors, the technique can demonstrate and acentuate the chair’s shape beautifully, thus making it appear like a differently shaped chair each time… Or maybe it’s just my imagination?

  2. The design of this chair in wood in particular is flawed! as there is no support for the rear part of the seat, meaning the front joints will snap off. Any leaning hard on the rear of the arm supports will cause the joint at the fronts to open up and also snap. A chair to look at but not to sit on, weird! The metal version will also have stress put upon these areas, the weld may be strong enough to cope but could if the person was heavy enough make that joint also fail or just bend permanently. The person pictured must be small and perched on the edge.

  3. Hello Bloo,
    I invite you to try the chair. Many joiners though the same as you before I could find the right joiner to produce the chair. It is very strong, there is no way you could break the steel one and on the wooden one I have seen a 90kg man jumping on the seat and it didn’t even move.
    The diagonal laterals support all the weight as the diagonal leg on the Zig zag chair.
    The seat is wide and the back and arms are good to rest, try it!

  4. Sorry Sara but, I don’t believe you, being a cabinet maker myself I have never come across any joint which could perform the task you claim. If true you’d have made the impossible possible, please post a video of somebody standing on the back of the chair never mind jumping up and down and I’ll gladly eat my words!

  5. Sara, words eaten! no jumping up and down, but enough weight put on them for “normal” usage. I assume both chairs were not metal and one was the wooden one? I’ve never seen any joint made in wood which will take that stress without it being cantilevered so well done for the discovery! I’m assuming metalwork inside the joint which is hidden (plugged), to take the strain as the way the joints are shown in the pictures above still make me believe the joints should fail with conventional techniques. I’m going to show some pictures and the video to some other furniture makers to get some opinions. have a good day Bloo….

  6. Bloo, yes the one on the left had side is made of steel and the one on the right is made of natural oak.
    I am glad that you believe that it is possible now 🙂
    Have a good day you too,

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