New Chair by Sara Leonor

I believe this is the first photo of a new chair by Sara Leonor she published at her FaceBook page.

I teased her asking whether it was supposed to be a cat’s cage…more photos soon.

Stress Test for the Zeed

I like to bring the result of a discussion in the comments to our post Zeed Armchair by Sara Leonor more to the attention of our readers.

One of the commenters doubted the strength of the design on which Sara created a video to show the Zeed can be load baring.

I believe Sarah succeeded to convincingly demontrate the strength of her design. See for yourself:

Zeed Armchair by Sara Leonor





Zeed Armchair by Sara Leonor

born and educated in Spain, currently based in London. Zeed was first presented at Tent London 2010. There is a welded steel and wooden version. Zeed is an excellent chair for chair installations. You can also sit on it when it is put upside down.