Hinges for a Hans Wegner Valet Chair – Anybody?

Hans Wegner Valet Chair Hinges


Received an e-mail from a Chair Blog fan:

Your blog is wonderful.
Thank you for doing such a thorough job and for sharing your information and observations with the rest of us.

I too am a chair fan and I have an original vintage Hans Wegner Valet chair that is unusable because the hinges were not on it when I purchased it. I wonder if in your journeys across the web you may have found a source for rare chair parts or another Hans Wegner collector that has valet chair hinges. From one chair lover to another I greatly appreciate any input you may be able to offer.

It would be great to actually be able to sit on this special piece.

As the hinges photo shows they are really special. Decided to post the question here to help our fan. Glad to oblige. Anybody an idea?

Found the Valet Chair photo in an excellent post about Hans Wegner furniture at the Chinese language blog I Design and the hinge photo at Live Auctioneers

6 thoughts on “Hinges for a Hans Wegner Valet Chair – Anybody?”

  1. Love the functionality of this one! Bet it’s not easy to find spare parts for it indeed, might be a god idea to find someone who would try to make a replica of those parts instead, but then again, finding soemone who can do that is no easy task!

  2. Dear Guido J. van den Elshout:

    I recommend to contact PP Mobler (or one of their dealers) to see if they will sell you the hinges. They are currently manufacturing the Valet Chair to the original specifications, and the hinges for a PP Mobler Valet Chair should fit an original Johannes Hansen Valet Chair.

    Good Luck.

    Robert Sacks

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