The Shrunken Cray-1 by Daryl Brach

I thought the Cray 1

Remember my last year’s April Fool’s Day prank?

I posted a photo of one of the original iconic Cray-1 computers. For me it was like a mid century sofa. I took the photo in the Paris Computer Museum at the Big Arch. In that museum they also have a collection of sandows chairs by Rene Herbst.

It was Eloise Moorehead who busted me immediately. Coincidentally Eloise had posted a photo of another Cray-1 not long before. She also had mistaken it for a sofa, maybe an ideal sofa for in a Hotel lobby. She imagined even a cosy telephone boot inside:-)

Recently I discovered case modder Daryl Brach had taken the Cray-1 as an example to rebuild on a scale of 1/3 with two PC’s in it for use at home. Probably this one has more computing power than the original Cary-1. It made me think back to my first encounter in Paris.

Via Honey, Daryl Brach shrunk the Cray-1 supercomputer and The Register

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