Lilly Chair by Louis Majorelle (1859-1926)

Lilly Chair by Louis Majorelle
A carved American mahogany and gilt-bronze mounted side chair ‘Aux Nénuphars’ (=Lillies), with cane seat, by Louis Majorelle, circa 1905.

In Paris at the end of March for sale at Christie’s.

Estimate €15,000 – €20,000 ($21,143 – $28,191)

As comparision here a photo of a similar chair in oak at an auction of Sotheby’s:

There it sold for 8,750 GBP.

4 thoughts on “Lilly Chair by Louis Majorelle (1859-1926)”

  1. I have 6 art nouveau dining chairs in the style of Majorelle. I’m trying to pin down exactly what they are. The back is a similiar shape to this chair. Mine still have the original green & gold & bronze plaster over the wood, with an entwined plant design in the middle. I also have another very unusual french art nouveau three panel screen in the style of Majorelle with wings & ladies heads on ends. Did he sign his pieces? Were there specific furniture makers he trained who continued the tradition? Was each piece he made a one off? Are there any experts on Majorelle furniture i can talk to? Any help much appreciated! I’m in New Zealand and there are no experts on Majorelle in NZ, although both these pieces were imported from France & i’m sure both date from around 1900

    1. Is it possible you send me photo’s of what you have? Just say yes or no in your answer. I’ll contact you by e-mail if yes…I’m just an amateur chair aficionado….no special knowledge;-) but my readership sometimes chimes in to help out.

    2. Dear Ms Vanessa,
      Do you have photos of the 6 art nouveau dining chairs you
      described in your email ?

      Thanks in advance

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