Jumper Chair by Bertjan Pot



The Jumper Chair by Dutch designer Bertjan Pot is a further development of his Seamless Chair :

When I first made the seamless chair that took 40 hours of felting by hand. I never thought something industrial would come out. But when I ran into some machines at the textile museum in Tilburg it turned out to be not that impossible at all. Jumper is a chair upholstered with a knitted woolen cover. The cover was knitted on a special machine that knitted the whole piece in one go. normally a knitted woolen cover would not make it trough an abrasion test very well, but because we felted the cover by washing it at a high temperature the textile became very dense and durable. Jumper was designed for the British brand Established & Sons and was on show in their 2010 presentation in Milan.

For the non Dutch language reader: Jumper is Dutch for Sweater

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