Seamless Chair by Bertjan Pot

seamless chair by Bertjan Pot
seamless chai by Bertjan Pot 2
The seamless chair:

was made for a project organized by “Stichting Sofa” and “De Ploeg”. Sofa and De Ploeg asked a few designers to come up with new ideas for upholstered furniture. One of the fantasies I had about upholstering was, what if it could be done seamlessly. After a small quest I came to felt. I have seen several art projects were things were covered seamlessly in felt and since most felt is 100% wool and most upholstery as well…….
In normal furniture upholstered with wool, after a few years the fabric starts to peel and turns in to felt. My hope is that it will also happen with this chair and therefore will only get nicer. Another small advantage is that this chair will not ruin your wooden floor because it doesn’t need those stick-on felt gliders. The proto-type was upholstered by the Amsterdam company Van Vilt.

According to Bertjan Pot

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