Thonet no 14 or 214 X 214

Thonet no 14 or 214 X 214 1
Thonet no 14 or 214 X 214 2
Thonet no 14 or 214 X 214 3
Thonet no 14 or 214 X 214 4
Thonet no 14 or 214 X 214 5
Thonet no 14 or 214 X 214 6

This is our post number 2,500. We’ve worked hard to reach this number before the 4th anniversary of this blog and I want to make the circle round. My chair fascination started with my fascination for the Thonet story, because I am mesmerized by the sheer size the company reached in its hey days around 1900, because of their influence on chair design and the fact that the story still evolves over several countries and continents and, last but not least, the fact Thonet made a chair affordable for everybody, which was not possible before they played their part in the industrial revolution: They truly democratized the chair.

The German branch celebrated the 150ieth birthday of their 214 model (they renamed the original number 14 into number 214) with a photo competition some time ago. Here my ranking of the first 6 of the photos they published.

Via Thonet 214 X 214 and the Galery

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