La Gramigna Chair by Michele Marin

La Gramigna Chair by Michele Marin
La Gramigna Chair by Venice based Michele Marin

ironic, customizable/deformable and “antistress” confortable chair. Everybody can deform it as he wants, so every chair will be always different from the others. This is my personal interpretation of “accessible luxury” philosophy. Simply deforming a standard product, you will transforrm it in something unique. It’s “accessible” because it’s a cheap furniture accessory, composed by metallic structure and a padded modular sitting.

2008. Finalist at “Toscana Design Challenge 2008” competition.

One thought on “La Gramigna Chair by Michele Marin”

  1. Oh I love this so much!!! I’m wondering if those seating pieces are made of leather though or not.

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