Ionic Bench by Laurie Beckerman

While we’re at the subject of Laurie Beckerman, let me also feature my first real bench – the Ionic bench by the aforementioned designer from New York, USA. This is by far the most elegant, the most unobtrusively simple in its curviness and the most luxurous wooden bench I’ve seen. Definately the kind of a bench to serve double duty as a seating object and a little piece of art! I would go even further, and suggest one can use it as a shelf or a table/magazine rack.

Made from one inch thick Baltic Birch plywood and fabricated with the use of CNC technology. Slices of the profile are laminated together to form this light and resilient bench.

49″ Length, 21″ Height, 18″ Width
Fabricator: Heritage Woodshop, Brooklyn, NY

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