TweetingSeat by Chris McNicholl

TweetingSeat by Chris McNicholl
TweetingSeat by Chris McNicholl with man

Chris McNicholl™’s TweetingSeat is more than just a Twitter-themed bench, it’s an interactive seat designed to try and connect our digital and physical worlds. Each time someone sits down, TweetingSeat uploads an image from two cameras to the Twitter feed. One camera is located on the bench looking at the surrounding space, and another is located nearby looking at the people who use it.


10 thoughts on “TweetingSeat by Chris McNicholl”

  1. The Global Village goes to the park bench. An interesting concept. I was wondering if this mean we don’t have to go to the park now. Can we experience the park through the tweets?

  2. I actually hope they would put those IN existing parks, so that more youngsters can enjoy the nature while tweeting and being tweeted lol

  3. Anna, I saw it on, so that’s where I linked. Where design-milk got it from, I don’t know – quite possibly they had a direct talk with the designer, so it’s still a “real” legitimate source. I believe if they got the info from some place else, they would’ve credited the source, as they usually do. Anyways, I can’t possibly link to a palce which I haven’t seen, can I? 🙂 Thank you for the link!

  4. Julia – I understand, but if you look the website if showed you posted the same piece days before.

  5. @gje, Yep, Freshome links to NotCot and we all link right back to Chris McNicholl’s website – that’s how it’s done and should be done, I see no problem here either.

    @Anna, like GJE mentioned, Freshome links elswhere as their source, so someone posted about it even before they did. In cases like this, the “real” source is the designer’s website itself. Let’s look at it this way – sometimes a designer looking to get a word out about their new design would contact design blogs and website for publicity, and let’s say some designer contact ChairBlog and Freshome at the same time, and both of us decide to post about the chair and we do so around the same time without linking to the other website an donly providing links where obviously they’re due (teh designer’s website)… Who would you call a “real” source in such a situation? I guess you know what I mean? At least I hope I explained in a manner easy to comprehend and didn’t make it sound somehow complicated:)

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