Popular Posts of March 2011

Over 56k visitors and over 126k page views, a new record. Over 100 new posts.

We – you readers, thank you – and contributors, thank you Julia and Polley – have done our best. Hope we continue in April to do so or better. Happy April Fool’s day! Anybody a good prank for today?

For a change I Use Feedburner stats, because it catches new posts better and give 5 popular March 2011 posts in images:
1) The Laundry Chair by Jess Corteen
2) The Birth of the .03 Chair by Maarten van Severen
Maarten van Severen
3) The Skull Chair by Pool at Milan 2011
Skull Chair by Pool
4) Hinges for a Hans Wegner Valet Chair, Anybody?
Hans Wegner Valet Chair Hinges
5) The Coffeecup Chair by He Was Born

One thought on “Popular Posts of March 2011”

  1. Yay, good to see my post made it to the most popular posts of the month! Hope it’s not an April’s Fool joke, haha

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