The Zest Chair by Nancy Chu

Spotted the Zest Chair by Nancy Chu (who is an industrial design student at the University of Cincinnati) at Chair Designers’ Club group on Facebook, then further research led me to the post about it on

Zest explores the contrast between hard folds and soft curves. The clean lines of one surface give an impression of rigidity, whereas the delaminating surface seems lax as it bends over the sleigh legs. As one surface “peels away” from each other an intrigueing negative space pulls the eye in with an unexpected pop of color. Powder coated sheet metal and bent steel rods.

2 thoughts on “The Zest Chair by Nancy Chu”

  1. Whilst the curved flaps soften the appearance of this chair and add an opportunity for a splash of colour, I’m not sure of their functional success. I would imagine the flaps under the seat may inhibit/ limit the comfort of the legs. I guess it is only an exercise in design.

  2. I see where you’re coming from! Personally, I think it’s oen of those chairs that you need to try sitting on before buying. I also keep noticing how different chairs might not be suitable for all people and quite some may deped on oen’s sitting habits, liek whether you like sitting with your legs crossed or you curl your legs under the seat (like I do a lot)…

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